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About This Course

Learn practical ways to be a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples through this program led by Mike Breen and featuring a Huddle to help you process and practice what you’re learning.
Manageable 6-week Segments
You will learn and apply practical skills in manageable 6-week process spending 1-3 hours each week.
Asynchronous Discipleship
Learn anywhere and anytime, you are not restricted by time or space using our virtual learning environment.
Small Groups & Coaching
An online discussion forum is available at any time to discuss the course material, share prayer requests and ask questions. Study alongside other Christians from around the world.

What You Learn

In these two 6-week experiences, you will learn the key concepts of discipleship in ways that are simple, repeatable, and transferrable. You'll be guided you through the content to help you prepare to start your own Huddle.

Discipleship 101

Week 1: Spiritual Feudalism
Why does the church in our day fail at making disciples? This history lesson helps us understand the history we need to overcome in order to be disciples who make disciples.
Week 2: Balanced Relationships
How do we build deeper relationships with God and others? And how do we multiply disciples who have the same kind of deep relationships?
Week 3: Continuous Breakthrough
How do we recognize what God is saying to us, and how do we determine what to do about it so that we grow as disciples?
Week 4: Invitation & Challenge
How do we properly calibrate the culture of our Huddle as we disciple others?
Week 5: Fruitful Living
What does a healthy rhythm of life look like for a disciple? And how does it lead us to bear fruit?
Week 6: Obstacles In Your Huddle
What are some practical ways to work with the people in your Huddle and help them grow in character and competence?

Discipleship 102

Week 1: Tools of Discipleship
What are the tools in the Huddle leader’s toolbox as he or she makes disciples who make disciples?
Week 2: Leadership Styles & Strategies, Part 1
How do we help the people we are discipling to understand what they need to learn as they move toward discipling others?
Week 3: Leadership Styles & strategies, Part 2
How do we empower and cheer on the people we are disicpling as they move into leadership roles?
Week 4: Finding Disciples
How do we find people who will become our disciples? How do we choose disciples the way Jesus would?
Week 5: Healthy Living
How do disciples grow? How does understanding healthy growth help us develop as disciples, and help us lead others as they develop?
Week 6: Launching Disciples
What does it look like when we launch the people we’re discipling to lead their own Huddles? How do we continue to support them as they grow as leaders?

The Shapes

The Triangle
Deeper and balanced relationships.
The Matrix
Invitation and challenge.
The Circle
Seeking spiritual breakthroughs.
The Semi-Circle
Rhythms of life.
The Square
Multiplying disciples.
The Hexagon
Personal calling.
Using the triangle...
"Using the Triangle, I was able to get my executive team focused on the same critical tasks, resulting in over 30% revenue growth monthly in 3 months"
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Roger K.
CEO of Healthcare Company


We have worked to make each week of study packed with content, yet manageable, and to help you apply what you’re learning as you go. This is vital because the goal of this process is not to just transmit knowledge, but to give you a dashboard of tools that you can use in your day-to-day life as a disciple who makes disciples.


This includes videos and readings on the key topics for the week. You engage with the videos and the recommended reading at your desk or on the go. The purpose is to help you understand both the HOW and the WHY of each idea.


This includes the opportunity to interact with other people in the LE using our Asynchronous Discipleship platform. Participate and communicate on your schedule, anywhere in the world. This interaction is a key part of understanding what God is saying to you through the content, determining what you should do about it, and processing what you experience.


This is a checkpoint to make sure you understand the key ideas in the content for the week. It comes in the form of a written reflection or quizzes.


This is a tangible step you can take to put what you’ve learned into practice.

Your Instructors

Stephen Wells

Business Leader and co-Founder of the Missional Institute
Steve Wells has been an entrepreneur for 38 years, building companies in the marketing, entertainment, travel, healthcare and education sectors. He co-founded Embanet Knowledge Group, which was a pioneer in on-line education in higher education. His passion is to help Christians fulfill their true calling in business and ministry. Steve lives with his wife of 39 years in Winter Park, FL, Vero Beach, FL and Atlanta, GA.
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Small Groups & Discipleship

We call them huddles - it's your own small group or one of ours, where you interact with your peers and be coached by your huddle leader. It's not just learning, it's transforming.

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Asynchronous Discipleship
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Next start dates:
02/01/21 (101)
03/22/21 (102)
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