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Family On Mission

Family on Mission

Family on Mission by Mike and Sally Breen is the foundational text for this course. Each week of this course will include excerpts from this book as well as videos from Mike and Sally, who wrote this book based on their own journey as missional leaders of extended families in both Europe and the United States.

Of course, you are welcome to read the entire book. It is full of insight and tactics about why and how to build a family on mission n your life. If you read the entire book during the Learning Experience, we still encourage you to follow the prompts and look back at specific sections and topics as a part of your study each week.

Please note that this experience is designed to cover part of the concepts from the course book, while several of the concepts in the book will be covered in more detail in a future Learning Experience FOM 102. This approach will allow you spend ample time learning and practicing tools during these courses so that you can begin to integrate them into your life.

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